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Currently no massages possible

Wohlfühloase - Massagen im V8 Hotel

Currently no massages possible!

Get a break from your everyday life, enjoy and relax to the fullest, with one of our offers for your personal BodyTuning.


The classic massage to relieve tense muscles.                     


60min  69.-€ / 90min 99.-€


Vitality: loosening – regenerating - vitalizing

A mix of different techniques loosens tense muscles, gifting regenerative relaxation and vitalizes the body.

A perfect refreshment for in-between

60min  69.-€ / 90min 99.-€


loosening – regenerating - relaxing

This soothing massage lets you forget the stressful everyday life.

Flowing masssaging movements loosen tense muscles softly.  A deep relaxation and tranquility is induced by applying long strokes to establish and restore inner balance.

The ideal way to restfully end the day.

60min  69.-€ / 90min 99.-€

Deep Tissue

A very powerful massage to loosen hard tensions deep-within


60min 79.-

Foot massage

45 min 60.-€

Shoulder/Neck massage

Targeted loosening in upper back and shoulder area


45min  60.-€

Wohlfühloase - Massagen im V8 Hotel