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V8 Hotel Superior

Here four star dreams are built!


By 2017, created in the southwestern part of the Motor World, in extension of the axis of the listed Legend Hall, the new V8 HOTEL SUPERIOR with 153 design and themed rooms, apartments, Car suites, meeting rooms with its own restaurant and bar.

With its modern, clear architecture, the new V8 HOTEL Superior is perfectly integrated into the MOTORWORLD ensemble. On approximately 6,000 square feet, it is made for lovers who want to experience day-by-night and night-time passion.

Charles-Lindbergh-Platz, newly reconstructed during the construction work, will create an optical and spatial connection between the existing V8 HOTEL, the legendary hall and the new hotel.

Already on the ground floor, where sales areas for high-quality classic cars and high-end sports cars as well as rarity dealers are provided, automobile treasures are placed in the foreground.

From there the light-flooded atrium opens its view to the top sixth floor.
The gallery, which is visible from the atrium, on the first floor, accommodates the generous hotel lobby, a breakfast restaurant and a bar, as well as meeting rooms of various sizes.

In the second to sixth floors, the 153 rooms of the V8 Superior Hotel - 16 of them are designed as a theme room, as in the V8 HOTEL.
Seven further rooms are available for longer stays and are to be equipped with appropriate apartment comfort.

A spa area, where fitness and relaxation are capitalized, and ample parking in the new underground car park on the ground floor are further advantages of the new V8 Superior Hotel.

This provides perfect conditions for conferences and events, especially as the directly adjacent MOTORWORLD Stuttgart region, with its numerous meeting rooms, catering establishments and event areas, provides additional capacities and opens up almost all possibilities.

With the resulting expansions, the MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart is gaining in attractiveness and attractiveness. Since its opening in 2009, it has already recorded more than six million visitors - with an upward trend.
The operator of the existing V8 Hotel and the new V8 Superior Hotel is the Stuttgart hotelier couple Karen and Simeon Schad.
Already, when the MOTORWORLD region of Stuttgart existed only on the plan, they had enough imagination to believe in the radiance of the extraordinary and ambitious project.
Together with Dünkel Investment GbR, they developed the idea of an automotive design and themed hotel, from which the V8 HOTEL emerged in 2009 and which is now continuing in the SUPERIOR variant.