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V8 HOTEL – Directions & Parking

Charles-Lindbergh-Platz 1 | 71034 Böblingen

Phone: +49 (0)7031-3069880
Fax: +49 (0)7031-306988888

E-mail: info(at) 

Your journey by car

Coming from the A81 freeway, take exit 23 Böblingen/Sindelfingen and turn right in the direction of Böblingen.
After the first set of traffic lights at the MOTORWORLD Tower, turn right onto Charles-Lindbergh-Platz.
The right of way of the V8 HOTEL is centrally located between the buildings.

Our map will show you the way.

The V8 HOTEL is currently located outside the environmental zone. However, you will need an environmental badge to drive into Stuttgart city center. 

Please also note the traffic ban for diesel vehicles. You can find all informatione here.

Location map


Directly below the V8 HOTEL Superior is a public underground parking garage. Access is via Jakob-Degen-Strasse at the rear of the V8 HOTEL (see map).

Additional parking spaces are available on Graf-Zeppelin-Platz. This is located, as seen from Charles-Lindbergh-Platz, behind the V8 HOTEL Classic on the airfield side of Motorworld (see access map).

The parking fee is 14 euros per day.


Your journey by train

Here you can find the Deutsche Bahn timetable information. Enter V8 HOTEL as your destination. From Böblingen station, walk in the direction of Flugfeld. You will be there in five minutes.

From the airport and the trade fair:

Take the S2 or S3 to the Rohr stop. There you change to the S1 in the direction of Herrenberg. Get off at the Böblingen station. From there you can reach our hotel on foot in five minutes.


Opposite the V8 HOTEL Classic, several Tesla Supercharger charging stations are available on the MOTORWORLD grounds. Two public e-charging stations can be found between the V8 HOTEL Superior and the Porsche Center Böblingen.

Connect your Tesla to the Supercharger or your e-vehicle to the public e-charging station for a good 30 minutes and meanwhile explore our two hotels and the spacious MOTORWORLD grounds with its many dealers, stores and gastronomic offerings.

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