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DRIVE IT - Premium Cars in a V8 Package


Blowing names are gathered in this experience.
A real V8 HOTEL event.

Start the engine, fully exhaust the power, go to the limit.
Elegant cruising and enjoying the successful design of a noble vehicle.
Experience freedom, feel the driving force, become one with the vehicle.
Enjoy a day in a super sports car of your choice, dinner and two overnight stays with breakfast at the V8 HOTEL.

You will receive a roadbook - fantastic roads lead you to fascinating theme parks and to selected locations such as Bad Liebenzell, Bad Wildbad, Eberstein Castle, the monastery ruins and the waterfalls of Allerheiligen.

You can book this experience through our partner drive in motion.

Our services

- 2 nights in a Design double room
- plus a rich breakfast buffet in our restaurant PICK-UP
- 1x dinner for 2 persons without drinks in PICK-UP
- Use of the fitness and wellness area with panorama sauna

For an extra charge you can also book one of our 26 automotive theme rooms.
Please also note the exclusive Mercedes Suite in the former airport tower.


  • 1x day tour with a Mercedes-AMG or TESLA or PORSCHE
        Incl. 250 free kilometers
        More kilometers: Mercedes-AMG 3,00 €, Tesla 1,00 €, Porsche 1,80 €
  • 1x Roadbook Black Forest Tour, Snacks & Drinks in the vehicle
  • 1x free electricity at the MOTORWORLD at the Tesla package
  • Vehicle preparation incl. Transfer, preparation, vehicle instruction, safety briefing

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Mercedes-AMG C63S

AMG Power Package

510 PS - 700 Nm, 0-100km/h 3,8 sec.

ab 1.299,00 Euro



TESLA E-Power Package

422 PS - 660 Nm, 0-100km/h 3,8 sec.

ab 1.199,00 €


Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe


Porsche GT3

540 PS – 660 Nm,  0-100km/h 3 sec.

ab 1.899€



Nissan Package

570 PS – 637 Nm,  0-100km/h 2,8 sec. 

ab 1.699,00 Euro

Mercedes-AMG GTR

AMG Power Package

585 PS - 700 Nm, 0-100km/h 3,6 Sec.

1.999,00 Euro


TESLA S und 3

TESLA E-Power Package

422 PS und 660 Nm, 0-100km/h 3,8 sec.

ab 1.399,00 €


Mercedes-AMG G63

Mercedes-Benz Package

585 PS – 850 Nm,  0-100km/h 4,5 sec.

ab 1.699,00 Euro



Audi Package

585 PS – 850 Nm,  0-100km/h 3,6 sec. 

ab 1.699,00 Euro

  • 100% payment in advance
  • The deposit is to be deposited before transfer by transfer, credit card or cash: 2.500,00 € for Porsche, Mercedes C63S Saloon and Tesla Model S / X - and 5.000,00 for Mercedes-AMG GTS 
  • Minimum age: Mercedes-Benz vehicles 21 years, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG 27 years At least 3-5 years license required
  • Driving license and identity card must be presented in the original on the day of the rental
  • An international driving license is required for foreign passengers
  • deductible in case of damage Mercedes-Benz 1.000,00 €, Porsche and Tesla 2.500,00 €, Mercedes-AMG 5.000,00 €
  • Before signing the contract, you must sign a rental contract or disclaimer
  • The vehicles are fully refilled and must be fully refilled. Tankservice with not fully-satisfied vehicle 2,50 € per liter. 
  • more kilometers Tesla 1,00 €, Porsche 1,80 €, Mercedes-AMG 3,00 €
  • Dates on request and availability
  • Bookable from 2 persons
  • Can also be booked for single persons with extra charge
  • The terms and conditions of the offerer apply  Drive in motion - Automotive Events GmbH
  • Optional:
  • Your desired vehicle on request
  • Tour guide including instructor vehicles on request