V8 HOTEL Classic - Themeds Rooms

V8 HOTEL Classic - Themed Rooms

Our 10 individual car rooms

Immerse yourself in automotive dream worlds and spend the night in one of our extraordinary themed rooms. We take you to Route 66, tuning, car wash, workshop, racing and much more.

The V8 Hotel Classic themed rooms at a glance

Our extraordinary themed rooms are lovingly and originally designed down to the last detail:; 

  • Motif wallpaper with automotive design matching the room theme
  • Comfortable beds with a length of 2.10 m and a width of 90 cm per mattress
  • Flat screen TV
  • Effect lighting
  • Original car parts, integrated into the interior to match the theme

Enjoy pure luxury on four floors in our V12 Mercedes Suite with its own roof terrace. This suite is located in the former tower of the airport and offers a great view. It is ideal, for example, as a bridal room for your wedding in Baden-Württemberg.

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