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Body Tuning

Wohlfühloase - Massagen im V8 Hotel

Get a break from your everyday life, enjoy and relax to the fullest, with one of our offers for your personal BodyTuning.

Classic One

The classic massage  
The classic massage is the soothing, mechanical manipulation of the skin, the connective tissue and the muscles through stretching-, pulling- and pressure stimulus. Massage itself is the oldest of  healing therapies! 
Classic One (60 min) - 60 €


Through the pleasant stimulation of the reflex zones, pain is relieved, the self-healing powers of the body activated, the muscle relaxation noticeably stimulated, tensions and blockades dissolved, the soul life & the autonomic nervous system harmonized, toxins and slags excreted and the energy conditions in the body brought back into balance. 
Pit stop (45 min) - 40 €


 shoulder and neck massage 
The shoulder-neck massage is a preventative and, for you, very pleasant form of massage of the shoulder-, the neck-, and the head and neck region, which is based on slow and gentle stretching and soft massage techniques. 
Admiral (60 min) - 65 €

Best of Oils

Aroma Oil Massage
We offer you, here at the V8 Hotel, your individually selected Aroma massage, in which only pure, natural plant essences are being used. Here you can choose from our extensive range (lavender Rosalina, orange lemongrass, lemon mint, lime bamboo, coconut mint, shea aloe, honey ginger and almond) of oils of Pino. 
Best of Oils (60 min) - 65 €


Energetic deep relaxation 
This full body massage is very intuitive, individual and each time a little different. Following the body’s energy, it is soft and fluent in some places and strong and deep in others.  
Engineering (90 min) - 90 €


Hot Stone Massage
Pleasantly dissolves muscle tension and provides you with a distinctive, deep relaxation of body & mind.
Avantgarde (full body 60 min) - 70 €

Wohlfühloase - Massagen im V8 Hotel