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Delicacies and criminal cases

Welcome to an exquisite evening event - welcome to our unique crime dinner!
Guests can feast, play along and guess, because in addition to a delicious 3-course menu, there is a tricky criminal case to solve.
What happens in the course of a delicate menu, mysterious confusions can be guessed.
The audience is allowed to help in the search for the culprit. The mixture of murderous entertainment and a fine meal served by our chef and his crew is sure to leave only enthusiastic guests.


26.05.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned soup (swabian)

08.09.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Will à la Carte                                                                             

06.10.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Murder in the Celebrity Clinic                                                 

03.11.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     A Corpse in the Louvre                                                               

04.12.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     The stag night killer                                                                   

08.12.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Murder on the Atlantic Ocean                                                 

19.01.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     The stag night killer                                                                 

16.02.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     Murder in the Celebrity Clinic                                                   

24.02.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     The wedding night killer                                                        

15.03.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     The Musical Dinner                                                                      

26.04.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     Bloodbath in the Community Council (Baden)                                   

10.05.2024 |7.00 p.m.                     Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned soup (swabian)

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The Escape Dinner- Escape Room in 3 courses


You will be the center of an exciting scenario and together with your team you will be the last rescue of mankind. A virus threatens the further life on our planet and there is only one hope: you and your team!

By deciphering hidden messages, combination skills, hard logic and creativity, you get closer and closer to finding the cure.Everyone at the table is challenged, everyone's skills are needed, and everyone fights together to preserve life on Earth. Everything is going on while you enjoy a wonderful menu.

No one has to get up. And in the end you will have conquered the terrible virus - hopefully!Throughout the evening you will be accompanied by our mad professor and his assistants, who will clear your mind if necessary for the next task of saving the world.

A corpse in the Louvre

Experience a unique evening at our Krimidinner Böblingen. You will be entertained by an exciting live crime story, on 21.04.2023 and 03.11.2023 the play A corpse in the Louvre will be played in our location.

We are in the Louvre in Paris in 1958, you are a part of this art-aware society when suddenly it turns out that the ,,Mona Lisa" is a fake. This shocking news raises many questions for everyone present. Where is the real one? Who has it and is it intact?

Unfortunately, not everyone present can experience the solution to these burning questions, because shortly after the unveiling, a dead body is suddenly found! There is a cold-blooded and determined murderer in the Louvre - but who is it? Now it's up to you to interpret the clues and unmask the murderer.

We wish you an unforgettable evening full of delights and thrills!

Sherlock Holmes and the poisened soup (swabian)


You want to spend an extraordinary evening with your friends? Then let us surprise you on 26.05.2023 and 10.05.2024, because with us in the V8 HOTEL it will be spooky!

You can expect a fine dinner with eerily humorous entertainment at the Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned Maultäschlesupp!

The demise of the Baron von Zuckerberg is at first nothing unusual, because at his age and with his health condition it was to be expected. And yet the master detectives Holmes and Dr. Watson suspect that something is not quite right.

Help them solve this tricky case!

Testament à la Carte

We are still looking for a few professional investigators, because on 08.09.2023 it goes with us in the V8 HOTEL quite round!

You can expect a fine dinner with humorous entertainment at the Testament à la Carte!
The famous scientist Chattney has been killed and Detective Johnson is already busy investigating. His assistant Manfred joins him energetically to assist. Unpredictable developments make the whole piece a thoroughly interesting case!

So that you don't get hungry during the gangster hunt, we provide a selected menu for your physical well-being at the Krimidinner Böblingen.

Murder in the Celebrity Clinic

Welcome to the sanatorium "Seelenglück" - THE place to go for celebrities on the wrong track. But the future of the celebrity clinic is threatened by a series of unexplained deaths! Some of the wealthy patients have already discharged themselves and to make matters worse, the concerned citizens of the town are also demanding the immediate closure of the facility. Dr. Blank-Strecker's therapy concept, which was just nominated for the Nobel Prize, is about to come to an end!

The clinic has organized a colorful educational evening to clear up the rumors and doubts about Dr. Blank-Strecker's method and to divert suspicion from the celebrity patients. But the evening turns out quite differently than planned and takes the worst possible turn....

Are the deaths due to coincidence or is it murder? Find out! In this interactive mystery dinner with puzzle factor, your active assistance is required! A tingling prize awaits the successful amateur investigators at the end.

The exciting crime theater is performed by professional actors who involve you in the action in a unique way.

The stag night killer

Experience a unique evening at our crime dinner Böblingen. You will be entertained by an exciting live thriller, on 04.12.2023 and 19.01.2024. You can expect an incredible dinner with murderous, good entertainment at the Polterabendkiller!

At a Polterabend is usually laughed and danced, eaten and celebrated. This is also the case with Madlen and Dennis, until a guest is murdered. Thank goodness the father of the bride is a police officer and immediately starts investigating!
Exciting and thrilling is also going on in the kitchen, because we are responsible for your physical well-being. Look forward to a wonderful ensemble of culinary delights and witty evening entertainment!

Murder on the Atlantic Ocean


A fine dinner with eerily humorous entertainment awaits you at Murder on the Atlantic!
During a relaxing dinner on deck, a dead body suddenly appears. The murderer must still be on the cruise ship... So be on your guard - and help the investigators catch the killer!

Meanwhile, in our galley the menu is being prepared for you, but don't worry, everything should go smoothly.

The Musical Dinner


You love singing and dancing and your heart beats faster for musicals? Then you are exactly right at our Musical Dinner!
On 15.03.2024 we organize an extraordinary experience for you at the V8 HOTEL!

You can expect a fine dinner, which we will prepare for you. Between courses, the singers will take you into a world of classics and highlights of the modern age. Let yourself fall into the depths of Mamma Mia!, Dance of the Vampires or Grease!

Bloodbath in the local council

You want to spend an extraordinary evening again? Then let us surprise you on 26.04.2024, because with us in the V8 HOTEL it will be spooky!

You can expect a fine dinner with eerily humorous entertainment at the bloodbath in the local council!
In the small tranquil village of Unterallersau, suddenly the mayor is murdered! Uncertain times prevail, because the murderer is still on the loose.help solve this tricky case!