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Delicacies and criminal cases

Welcome to an exquisite evening event - welcome to our unique crime dinner!

Guests can feast, play along and guess, because in addition to a delicious 3-course menu, there is a tricky criminal case to solve.

What happens in the course of a delicate menu, mysterious confusions can be guessed.

The audience is allowed to help in the search for the culprit. The mixture of murderous entertainment and a fine meal served by our chef and his crew is sure to leave only enthusiastic guests.


28.01.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Bloodbath in the local council

18.02.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned soup (swabian)

25.03.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     The Escape Dinner

21.04.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     A Corpse in the Louvre

26.05.2023 |7.00 p.m.                     Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned soup (swabian)


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A corpse in the Louvre

We are in the Louvre in Paris in 1958. Valérie La Voyante, indispensable for many years in the Louvre as an art historian, has invited to a celebratory reception.

Et voilà... You are part of this illustrious, high-caliber and art-aware company when La Voyante suddenly drops the bombshell: The centerpiece of the Louvre, the world-famous "Mona Lisa", is not quite real. A fake! This shocking news raises many questions for everyone present. Where is the real one? Who has it in their possession and is it intact?

Unfortunately, not everyone present can experience the solution to these burning questions, because shortly after the unveiling, a dead body is found! There is a cold-blooded and determined murderer in the Louvre - but who is it? Unfortunately, the Paris police are more than "prevented".

So it's up to you to interpret the clues and unmask the killer. An exciting journey into the past and a tricky murder case await you!

Sherlock Holemes and the poisened soup (swabian)

Yes, you read that right, the famous master detective Sherlock Holmes and yours truly, Dr. Watson, have made their way to Swabia.Admittedly, not entirely voluntarily. But our genius could not turn down the invitation of an old acquaintance, the Baroness von Zuckerberg, to a gala dinner.So here we are, dining at the very time in the adjoining room of the restaurant where you are enjoying a delicious 3-course meal this evening. On the run from his table neighbor, the endlessly chatting Swabian baroness, the detective narrowly misses the supposed murder of the hostess' husband, the Baron von Zuckerberg.Well, his health was no longer the best. But to fall so suddenly forward into the soup is not the fine English way to die, even in Swabia. For Sherlock Holmes, however, the hitherto deadly boring evening is saved.A dialect whodunit is in the offing, and an extremely tricky case at that, because the results of the investigation seem to rule out any influence of poison. The questioning of the witnesses, the forensic doctor and some of the dinner guests makes many an innocent lamb in the room appear suspicious. Eager and in high spirits, the famous detective cranks up his little gray cells. Swabian shrewdness" is already spreading, but the master is not fooled by a false house builder so quickly. For him, of course, the solution to the case is soon obvious. As always, however, he leaves us in the dark for a while before the murderer is convicted in a virtuoso manner.But maybe you will soon have the solution at hand as well, since you have a say in the matter this evening.Enjoy an evening with a menu and thrilling crime suspense, the latter served by your investigator team Basile/Herrmann.

Zwei verkleidete in Sherlock Holmes und Mrs. Hudson Schauspieler schauen direkt in die Kamera

The criminal scary Dinner

"Bonsoir et bienvenue at the 'Hôtel mystique'. Our traditional house was once one of the first addresses in Paris for an exclusive overnight stay. But those days are long gone. Hardly anyone dares to come here nowadays. People say that things aren't done properly here..."No guests have stayed at the Hôtel Mystique for a long time - at least not voluntarily! Too many dark things have happened in what used to be such an elegant establishment. The few remaining employees of the house are all the more pleased about your surprise visit. Dare to take a look behind the facades of the Hôtel Mystique and uncover all its hidden secrets.Experience our newest spooky-beautiful form of crime dinner, with a mysterious mix of theatre, magic and creepy-amusing acts - so absolutely no ordinary crime dinner. For all scary movie lovers and fans of spooky stories, the Kriminal Grusel Dinner is exactly the right dinner format from our exclusive selection of experience gastronomy.Let a delicious course menu with exquisite delicacies melt in your mouth during an amusing and spooky horror story. Fun, excitement and fright are at the top of the menu at our Crime Scary Dinner. Get your tickets now for a Crime Scary Dinner near you and we promise a scary evening full of thrills you won't soon forget. Goosebumps are guaranteed, as well as a corpse or two...You don't like to be scared yourself, but you know some die-hard creepy lovers? Then order a voucher for a crime and horror dinner and give your loved ones an evening full of horror, fun and culinary delights.

The Escape Dinner

You become the centre of an exciting scenario and together with your team you are the last salvation of mankind. A virus is threatening life on our planet and there is only one hope: you and your team! By deciphering hidden messages, combination skills, tough logic and creativity, you get closer and closer to finding the antidote. Everyone at the table is challenged, everyone's skills are needed and everyone fights together to preserve life on earth. Everything happens while you enjoy a wonderful menu. No one has to get up. And in the end you will have conquered the terrible virus - hopefully!

You will be accompanied through the evening by our mad professor and his assistants, who will clear your mind if necessary for the next task of saving the world.

Das Escape Dinner Arrangement im Hotel in Böblingen.